Здружение на инфектолози

на Република Северна Македонија


Dear colleagues and friends of SEEC,

It is with great honor and pleasure that we extend warm greetings to you on behalf of the Infectious Disease Society of the Republic of North Macedonia and International Medical Association Bulgaria (IMAB). We are delighted to announce the 14th SEEC Conference on Infections and Cancer, to be held in Ohrid, North Macedonia, from October 3rd to 6th, 2024.

This conference promises to serve as a significant gathering of scholars, researchers, and professionals in the field, providing an invaluable platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Infectious diseases and infectology constitute integral aspects of everyday medical challenges and have consistently remained pivotal components of numerous other medical disciplines. Particularly in recent times, with the emergence of new infectious diseases, our collective role in combating these threats has assumed heightened significance.

Esteemed lecturers, both domestic and international luminaries, will share their invaluable insights and experiences, addressing not only the prevailing challenges in infectious diseases but also delving into the evolving landscape of emerging infectious diseases. With their expertise, they will illuminate modern strategies and approaches aimed at effectively managing these complex health threats.

Your active participation in the Congress, through the exchange of knowledge, expert discussions, and collaborative efforts, is instrumental. By showcasing your expertise and contributing to the discourse, you play a pivotal role in advancing the field of infectology and shaping the global response to infectious diseases, including emerging threats.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to communicating more news about the upcoming Congress!

Marija Dimzova,
Chair of the Local Org.Commitee of SEEC
President of the North Macedonian Society for Infectious Diseases

Krassimir Metodiev,
Chair of the Intl.Committee of SEEC
Founder and Hon.Chair of SEEC, President of IMAB


Тhe submission of abstracts and poster presentations is electronically using e-mail seec_conference@zim.org.mk

Abstracts must adhere to the following guidelines: they should be written in Times New Roman font, size 12, with single spacing and A4 format. Each abstract should not exceed 350 words, encompassing the title, author names, institution of origin, abstract content, and a maximum of 5 keywords. Conciseness is encouraged, with the inclusion of subheadings: INTRODUCTION, OBJECTIVES, MATERIALS, METHODS, RESULTS, and CONCLUSION.

Oral presentations will be:
a) full-time (up to 20 min),
b) regular (up to 10 min),
c) restricted (up to 5 min);
round-table topical meeting (no time restriction, questions/opinions)

Poster presentations will be exclusively electronic, displayed on LCD screens. Each presentation may consist of up to 5 slides. It is mandatory for both abstracts and poster presentations to be composed in English.

NOTE: * Accepted lectures and poster presentations provide CME points

The scientific board will make decisions regarding all approved abstracts and poster presentations.

  • The deadline for the submission of abstracts and poster presentations is 30.08.2024
  • The deadline for confirming accepted abstracts and poster presentations is 20.09.2024
  • NOTE* Personal laptops for presentations will not be allowed. It is mandatory, for the smooth running of the sessions and virus protection, for all speakers to submit their presentations at least 24 hours before the day of their lecture.


    Registration Fee Details: We understand the importance of planning our Conference accessible to all interested participants. Therefore, we have carefully considered the Registration Fee model to ensure inclusivity.

    The Registration Fee is as follows:

  • Early Bird Registration (until 15 September): 395 Euro
  • Regular Registration (16-30 September): 435 Euro
  • On-Site Late Registration (upon arrival): 445 Euro
  • Special Rates:

  • Young Scientists (up to 35 years): 350 Euro (No time restrictions)
  • Accompanying Persons: 350 Euro (No time restrictions)
  • Accent: As established for the last SEEC-s, we kindly accent on the Registration Fee, which again includes everything, this time for the 14-th SEEC: registration, attendance in all sessions, 3-night accommodation in the Conference hotel, welcome reception, official dinner, daily cultural programme, documents and Certificate for attendance.

    Note: ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS WITHOUT REGISTRATION FEE, for attending lunches/gala dinners/ cocktails have to pay 30 euro per person per meal.

    The registration fees without hotel booking are as follows:

  • Early Bird Registration (until 15 September): 200 Euro
  • Regular Registration (16-30 September): 220 Euro
  • On-Site Late Registration (upon arrival): 250 Euro

  • Special Rates:

  • Young Scientists (up to 35 years): 150 Euro (No time restrictions)
  • Accompanying Persons: 150 Euro (No time restrictions)

  • All payments have to be completed before the beginning of the Congress.

    Congress Secretariat for registration, hotel accommodation, transportation and tourist program

    Blvd. Makedonski Prosvetiteli no.1,
    6000 Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
    Phone: ++389 46 255 600 / + 389 72 255 600

    Payments for registration fees and hotel accommodation can be made with credit cards (VISA and MasterCard), with an authorization form

    The payment of the registration can be made at the following bank account:

    Beneficary: VIS POJ DOOEL
    Bank: Sparkasse Bank
    ACC: 250 0001 002 475 74
    IBAN: MK 07250901000225945
    VAT: МК4020002131507
    P.O. 5664926

    For local colleagues (in local currency|
    Денарско плаќање
    Ж-ска: 250 0001 002 475 74
    Депонент: Шпаркасе Банка
    Даночен број: 4020002131507

    Purpose of payment: “Registration fee -14th SEEC Conference on Infections and Cancer”

    No Bank fees to VIS POJ Travel Agency (beneficiary).

    For all information and details regarding registration, please contact the agency at the following
    e-mail address: congress@vispoj.com.mk,
    Phone: ++389 46 255 600 / + 389 72 255 600


    The prices for accommodation in the Congress hotels are as follows:

    Hotel Occupancy/ Price Per Night/Per Room/ HB
    Metropol Lake Resort, Ohrid
  • Single: 74 EUR (1 person)
    Double: 114 EUR (2 persons)

    Note: Any night over the 3-rd one shall be charged with 74 EUR and 114 EUR, respectively.
    The price for the double room is for both persons in the room.


  • For cancellation of the accommodation by 05.09.2024, the paid funds will be refunded completely, reduced for the bank expenses.
  • For cancellation of the accommodation by 18.09.2024, the paid funds will be refunded for 50%, reduced for the bank expenses.
  • For cancellation of the accommodation after 30.09.2024, PAYMENTS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • NOTE: The "SKOPJE" Airport is approximately 25 km from the Skopje city center and around 209 km from the Metropol Lake Resort Hotels in Ohrid.
    It is well-connected by national and international flights, including low-cost options, to cities such as Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna, Istanbul, London, and many others.
    The Organizing Secretariat can arrange transfers to and from the airport upon request.

    Important Dates:

  • Preliminary Registration Deadline: 15 September 2024
  • Regular Registration Fee: 16-30 September 2024
  • On-Site Late Registration (upon arrival): 3-6 October 2024
  • We encourage early registration to take advantage of the reduced fee and secure your place at this enriching event. More detailed information, including the Conference Programme will follow in the coming months.
  • Join us at 14th SEEC on Infections and Cancer to share knowledge, foster collaboration, and contribute to the global effort in advancing infectious disease research and chemotherapy.

    We look forward to welcoming you in Ohrid and making the 14th SEEC a memorable and collaborative experience.

    Please, use the following email address of the 14th SEEC for further contacts and details:


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